The University of Pittsburgh Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (NORC) integrates existing resources, bolsters areas of thematic importance, and supports junior investigators to lead regional, national, and international efforts in key public health areas related to obesity and nutrition. Specifically, the NORC has distinctive strengths in studying patient-centered outcomes to improve clinical care across the lifespan with specific areas of expertise in chronic disease, physical activity, severe obesity and bariatric surgery. Broad areas of study include heterogeneity of intervention response, mechanisms and biological pathways, and approaches to improve translation and clinical outcome. The NORC is at the epicenter of forming essential cross-disciplinary teams to address these important scientific and clinical questions. Moreover, this positions the University of Pittsburgh to respond rapidly and effectively to future areas of scientific need related to obesity and nutrition.

The University of Pittsburgh NORC coordinates a network of cutting-edge investigators and leverage infrastructure in the following key areas:

  • Development and implementation of effective interventions for the prevention and treatment of obesity.
  • Elucidate the causes of obesity and body weight regulation.
  • Improved understanding of mechanistic pathways by which excess body weight contributes to chronic diseases and negative health outcomes.

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